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COVID-19 Privacy Notice

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Our Healthier South East London (OHSEL) Privacy Notice

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Taking care of your personal information

Summary of Bellegrove Surgery privacy notice

  • Doctors, nurses and other health care staff who provide you with your care keep records about your health and treatment.
  • This can include information from other health organisations who are involved in your care, such as hospitals, Accident and emergency services, urgent care centres, ambulances and clinics.
  • Your record could be kept electronically, on paper or a mixture of both and there are various ways and technology in place to keep your information confidential and safe.
  • The type of information used will be a mixture of details that identify you, including name and contact information and details of any carers, next of kin or people who look after you. It will also include details of your care and treatments; test results, medications and some sensitive information; such as ethnicity and gender (male/female).
  • There are various reasons for using your information, all of which are done lawfully and in line with the GP practice duties, these include;
    • to meet your healthcare needs
    • preventing you and others getting ill
    • checking the quality of care and improving services
    • checking medication to ensure you and other are getting the best treatment
    • research (with your consent)
    • safeguarding, to protect children and adults from the risk of harm
    • GP practice website for online services
  • The NHS is committed to protecting your privacy and staff who care for you are legally required to keep your information confidential.
  • We will only ever use or pass on information about you to others who are involved in your direct care or when there is a lawful basis to do so.
  • Our practice will contact you by telephone or letter, but can also use text messages for appointment reminders and GP practice service messages. It is important to let your GP practice know your communication choice and that they have the correct details.
  • If you have a disability, impairment or sensory loss, the GP practice can offer communication support, such as British Sign Language, large print. The practice can also offer translation services.
  • The data protection laws 2018 gives special rights to you regarding your personal information. You can request a copy of your information, have mistakes corrected, or stop your information being shared for any other reason apart from your care. Further information on your rights can be found on the GP practice website or the Information Commissioners Office website.
  • Our GP practice does not share or transfer information outside of the European Union, to third countries or international organisations.
  • All organisations that process personal data have a duty to report certain types of personal data breach to the Information Commissioners Office within 72 hours of an incident occurring.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:
Caldicott Guardian: Dr JCJM Bohmer-Laubis 02088561770
Data Protection Lead: Mrs Kim Hunt 02088561770

For further information, please speak to Mrs Kim Hunt at the practice or click here for a full copy of the information (.pdf, 330KB). Further information regarding your privacy and your data protection rights can be found on the Information Commissioners Office website

Subject Access Requests and Individual’s Rights

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